Accessing Common Functions Through Menu Extras

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Opposite the Dock at the top of your screen lives (and I hope that you know this) the menu bar. Another workspace customization is the addition of Menu Extras to the menu bar. These are GUI elements that appear in the right side of the menu bar to the left of Spotlight. These handy additions provide quick access to common system settings or functions. Figure 1.40 shows a number of Menu Extras.

Figure 1.40. Menu Extras provide quick access to system settings.

Each Menu Extra is added to the menu bar through System Preferences panes that correspond to the item's function. A few of the Menu Extras provided in Tiger include

  • Displays Adjusts the resolution and color depth from the menu bar.

  • Volume Changes the sound volume.

  • AirPort Monitors AirPort signal strength and quickly adjusts network settings.

  • iChat Controls your connection to the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) network. Provides quick access to online buddies and an easy way to change your AIM status.

  • Date and Time Displays date and time graphically as a miniature clock or using the standard text format.

  • Battery Keeps track of battery usage and recharge time.

  • Modem Status Displays modem connect time as well as options for initiating/terminating connections.

Clicking a Menu Extra opens a pop-down menu that displays additional information and settings. Items such as Battery and Date and Time can be modified to show textual information rather than a simple icon status representation.

You can alter the position of some Menu Extras by holding down the Command key and dragging the icons to the desired position. Menu Extras can be removed entirely by Command-dragging them off the menu bar.

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