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Flash movies on the Web need to be wrapped in HTML files that provide movie display instructions to the browser. The HTML files can also include code that checks for the presence of the correct Flash Player plug-in and redirects the viewer if it's not there.

Luckily for us, Flash can publish the HTML files we need so we don't have to do the HTML coding ourselves.

Click OK to close the Version Detection Settings dialog.

Click the Publish button to generate the SWF movie file and the HTML files we've requested. Click OK to close the dialog.

Save and close the files index.fla and timeless_blooms_site.fla. Choose File > Exit (Windows) or Flash > Quit Flash (Mac) to close the Flash application.

From your computer's Desktop, navigate to the development_files folder. You'll see that Flash has added the Flash movie (index.swf), the three HTML files (index.html, index_alternate.html, and index_content.html), one movie used in the Flash Player detection (flash_detection.swf) and one graphic file (alternate.gif) that is used in the alternate HTML file.

Double-click the file index.html to open it.

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