collect files for upload

Our final step is to collect all of the files that will be uploaded to your Web server and copy them into the site_files folder.

The following is a list of the files to copy, along with brief descriptions:

alternate.gif an image file used in the alternate HTML file

contentGallery.swf Gallery section movie with samples slide show

contentHome.swf our main site movie including the Home section, animated intro, and loaders for all the other sections

contentInfo.swf Info section movie with scrolling text

contentOrder.swf Order section movie with button that launches the order form into a separate browser window

contentPricing.swf Pricing section movie with text loaded dynamically from a text file

contentPricing.txt Text file with HTML formatting that loads into Pricing movie

flash_detection.swf Movie embedded in index.html file and used for Flash Player detection

index.html First file loaded when visiting our site; executes Flash Player detection and redirects based on results

index.swf Preloader movie with progress bar and Loader

index_alternate.html Page providing Flash Player download option when Player detection fails to find the correct plug-in

index_content.html Page containing index.swf; our site is displayed in this page

order_form.htm A Web page containing the Timeless Blooms Order Form; launched from the Order section

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