create a preloader

Preloaders are the short animations and progress bars that play while a movie is loading. You've already created one preloader inside our site movie, the progress bar that plays while the gallery movie loads.

In this step, we create a fast-loading movie that contains only a logo, a Loader component that loads our main movie, and a ProgressBar component that provides download progress feedback to viewers.

When dealing with multiple movies loaded one into another, Flash Player can get confused by references to the Timelinenot understanding to which Timeline the reference points. We need to make one change in our main file to prevent this potential problem.

Choose File > Publish, or test the movie to generate an updated SWF file.

 on (complete) {    this._parent.gotoAndStop("2"); } 

This code instructs Flash to move the Playhead to Frame 2 when the movie is completely loaded. Note that Frame 2 includes only the >loaded movie layer, so the progress bar and logo will disappear.

Test the movie to watch the preloader in action. Close the Flash Player window.

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