create buttons

The Web site has five sections: Home, Info, Gallery, Pricing, and Order. We need to create a button for each section. (See extra bits on Page 100.)

Click the Stage to reset the Property Inspector. Choose the Text tool, and set the following attributes in the Property Inspector:

Now we'll draw a circle for the background. Select the Over frame in the background layer.

Before your click the Stage to draw the circle, press and hold (Windows) or (Mac) to draw the circle from the middle, and press and hold to constrain the oval to a circle.

Make the text layer visible again.

The last step in creating a button is defining the Hit state, which defines the area of the button that responds to mouse activity. Before we do that, we're going to place the button on the Stage of our movie and then edit the button symbol in place.

Add a new layer to the Timeline, and name it buttons. Drag the layer to position it between the contents and actions layers.

The Hit area is defined by the shape of any objects in the frame. We only want a part of the circle to define our Hit area.

We've now completed a button design.

Click Scene 1 in the Edit bar to exit symbol-editing mode.

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