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NAT (Network Address Translation)
Natural Keyboard
needles for record players
Nero Burning ROM
Netgear's XE 102 Powerline adapters
Netscape browser
network adapters 2nd
        built-in wired network adapter
        PC Card
        USB plug-in
network cables
        locking in place
Network Connection Wizard
        launching on a PC
        preliminary steps before using
        selecting connection method
Network Connections
        dial-up Internet connection
        viewing or changing Internet connections
network drives
        backing up to
network Internet connections
network ports 2nd 3rd
network printer
network settings
Network Setup Disk
Network Setup Wizard 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
        creating Network Setup Disk for PCs running older Windows versions
        file and printer sharing
        finishing and starting over on next PC
        Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)
        loading onto PCs with older Windows versions
        naming and describing PCs
        printer sharing
        reviewing and applying network settings
        running on each PC in new home network
network Webcams
networked drives
        changing drive letters
        dial-up connections and
        home network 2nd
       home network, setting up
                networking two PCs
                wired networks
                wireless network problems 2nd
        troubleshooting problems 2nd
networking hardware
                Ethernet cables
                network adapters
       home network
                Ethernet cables
networking two PCs
       home network
                Ethernet crossover cable
                FireWire cable
                Powerline adapters
        speeds of different types
New Connection Wizard
        broadband connections
New Partition Wizard
news aggregator
news feeds
noisy PCs
Nokia Test program
Norton Ghost
Norton's Internet Security
NTFS filesystem
        converting from FAT32 to
numeric keypad 2nd
        laptop keyboards
        option in BIOS
NumLock key
        using with Alt key symbol codes
NVidia DVD Decoder

PCs: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 0596100930
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 206
Authors: Andy Rathbone

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