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OCR (Optical Character Recognition)
office printouts
Offline Favorite wizard 2nd 3rd
on inkjet printers
       photo printing
                photo size and resolution
On-Screen keyboard
On-Screen Toolbar
onboard video
onestop.mid file
online manuals for laptops
online service providers
online wattage calculators
open source programs
opening titles and credits
Opera browser
operating systems
        distribution on bootable CDs
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
optical mice
        cleaning optical sensor
Orange Book (CD-R and CD-RW) standard
Outbox folder
outdoor Ethernet cable
Outlook 2003 or later
Outlook Express
        accessing Web-based email
        advantages of
        disadvantages of
        sending copies of email from Web-based email sites
        spell checking email
overheating problems

PCs: The Missing Manual
ISBN: 0596100930
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 206
Authors: Andy Rathbone

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