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Linux Multimedia Hacks
By Kyle Rankin
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: November 2005
ISBN: 0-596-10076-0
Pages: 330

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      About the Author
      Why Linux Multimedia Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Using Code Examples
      How to Contact Us
      Safari Enabled
      Got a Hack?
        Chapter 1.  Images
      Section 1.1.  Hacks 112: Introduction
      Hack 1.  Take a Screenshot
      Hack 2.  Convert from One Image Format to Another
      Hack 3.  Make Image Thumbnails
      Hack 4.  Animate Images
      Hack 5.  Leave a Watermark
      Hack 6.  Pull Images from a Digital Camera
      Hack 7.  Manage Photos with f-spot
      Hack 8.  Edit Images
      Hack 9.  Remove Red Eye from Photos
      Hack 10.  Create a Slideshow
      Hack 11.  Automatically Synchronize Your Camera and Computer
      Hack 12.  Make a Screen-Capture Movie
        Chapter 2.  Audio
      Section 2.1.  Hacks 1346: Introduction
      Hack 13.  Mix Your Audio for Perfect Sound
      Hack 14.  Surround Yourself with Sound
      Hack 15.  Play Multiple Sounds at the Same Time
      Hack 16.  Get MP3 Libraries for Red HatBased Distributions
      Hack 17.  Configure Network Sound
      Hack 18.  Manage Your Audio with XMMS
      Hack 19.  Shuffle Your Music the Smart Way
      Hack 20.  Try Rhythmbox
      Hack 21.  Let amaroK Rock Your Music Collection
      Hack 22.  Store amaroK Data in MySQL
      Hack 23.  Enable Your Multimedia Keyboard
      Hack 24.  Rip CDs from the Command Line
      Hack 25.  Rip CDs Straight from Konqueror
      Hack 26.  Get a Grip on CD Ripping
      Hack 27.  Edit ID3v2 Tags from the Command Line
      Hack 28.  Add Album Art to ID3 Tags
      Hack 29.  Automate Music File Tagging
      Hack 30.  Correct Music Metadata with MusicBrainz
      Hack 31.  Clean Music Metadata at the Command Line
      Hack 32.  Clean Music Metadata with a GUI
      Hack 33.  Pass the Mic and Record Audio
      Hack 34.  Edit Audio with Audacity
      Hack 35.  Convert from One Audio Format to Another
      Hack 36.  Normalize the Volume of Your Audio Files
      Hack 37.  Make Your Computer Talk to You
      Hack 38.  Search Audio for Hidden Messages
      Hack 39.  Burn Audio CDs from the Command Line
      Hack 40.  Automate Audio CD Burning with K3b
      Hack 41.  Turn Your Computer into a Turntable
      Hack 42.  Use an iPod with Linux
      Hack 43.  Sync Your iRiver with Linux
      Hack 44.  Use Other Portable Audio Players
      Hack 45.  Use a Bluetooth Headset with Linux
      Hack 46.  Find All Your Media Files
        Chapter 3.  Video
      Section 3.1.  Hacks 4772: Introduction
      Hack 47.  Master Video Output Options
      Hack 48.  Use MPlayer
      Hack 49.  Advanced MPlayer Tweaks
      Hack 50.  Create Family-Friendly Edits of Movies
      Hack 51.  Crop Video During Playback
      Hack 52.  Add Custom Subtitles to Video
      Hack 53.  Play Restricted Media Formats
      Hack 54.  Watch Videos in ASCII Art
      Hack 55.  Try xine-Based Video Players
      Hack 56.  View VLC, the Cross-Platform Video Player
      Hack 57.  Probe Video Settings
      Hack 58.  Rip a VCD
      Hack 59.  Rip a DVD
      Hack 60.  Encode a DVD to MPEG4 from the Command Line
      Hack 61.  Rip and Encode DVDs with a mencoder Frontend
      Hack 62.  Rip and Encode DVDs with K3b
      Hack 63.  Convert from One Video Format to Another
      Hack 64.  Create Archos-Compatible Video
      Hack 65.  Convert Dual-Layer DVD to Single-Layer DVD
      Hack 66.  Use a Digital Video Camcorder with Linux
      Hack 67.  Edit Video
      Hack 68.  Resize a Video
      Hack 69.  Create a VCD
      Hack 70.  Create a DVD
      Hack 71.  Customize a DVD Menu
      Hack 72.  Create Self-Booting Movies
        Chapter 4.  Broadcast Media
      Section 4.1.  Hacks 7388: Introduction
      Hack 73.  Install a TV Tuner
      Hack 74.  Watch TV on Your Computer
      Hack 75.  Output to a TV with NVIDIA Cards
      Hack 76.  Cut Commercials
      Hack 77.  Create a DVR with MythTV
      Hack 78.  MythTV as a Digital Hub
      Hack 79.  Take (Remote) Control
      Hack 80.  Browse Streaming Radio Stations
      Hack 81.  Rip Streaming Audio
      Hack 82.  Rip Streaming Video
      Hack 83.  Command-Line Streaming MP3 Player
      Hack 84.  Build a Linux Jukebox with Jinzora
      Hack 85.  Stream Video with VLC
      Hack 86.  Grab Podcasts from the Command Line
      Hack 87.  Get Podcasts with a GUI
      Hack 88.  Broadcast Sound to AM with a Monitor
        Chapter 5.  Web
      Section 5.1.  Hacks 89100: Introduction
      Hack 89.  Install the Macromedia Plug-in in a Flash
      Hack 90.  Use the Real RealPlayer
      Hack 91.  Watch Videos Within Firefox
      Hack 92.  Kaffeinate Konqueror
      Hack 93.  Install the Acrobat Reader Plug-in
      Hack 94.  Control Your Media Player with Firefox
      Hack 95.  Grab Color Profiles from Other Web Sites
      Hack 96.  Browse Graphical Sites from an xterm
      Hack 97.  Star in Your Own Reality TV Show
      Hack 98.  Make Internet Phone Calls with Skype
      Hack 99.  Turn Your Linux Box into a PBX
      Hack 100.  Host a Photo Gallery

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