Creating the Master Comp

You've created your filmstrip, and it's almost time to animate it. First, though, you must create an environment for it to run through:


Create a new composition named Master using the Medium, 230x240 composition preset with Duration 10:00 seconds.


Place the Film Strip composition into the Master Timeline starting at time 0:00.


Set the Film Strip layer's Scale to 70, 70%.


To change the duration of the Film Strip layer, select the layer and choose Layer > Time Stretch. Set Duration to 9:29, and click OK.


Still at time 0:00, add the file to the Master Timeline under the Film Strip layer.


Apply Effect > Blur & Sharpen > Fast Blur to the Ch19FinishedProject layer. Set the effect's Blurriness to 30.


Apply Effect > Adjust > Levels to the Ch19FinishedProject layer. Set the effect's Input White value to 200; this value blows out many of the layer's highlights and helps stylize the video's content.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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