Adding More Film Frames

To create the remaining film frames for your filmstrip, you'll use the same technique you've been using thus far: duplication. This time, though, you'll use a simpler method to lay the videos out across the filmstrip than you used to position the sprockets. Instead of saying, "Your procedures have become tiresome," you'll say, "I am as happy as a little girl!" (sorryI can't resist including these Saturday Night Live references whenever the term sprockets appears).

Here are the steps:


Duplicate the Ch19FinishedProject layer nine times in the Film Strip composition so you have a total of ten copies.


Set the Position of the topmost video layer in the Timeline to 160, 1900 to place it near the bottom edge of the composition.

You can distribute the remaining videos between two strategically positioned videos.


Select all ten video layers, and click the first Distribute Layers button in the Align palettein other words, the first button in the second row of buttons in the palette. (Wouldn't it have been nice if you could have used this feature to distribute the sprocket masks evenly across the solid layer? Unfortunately, this feature only works with layers at this time.)

The Align palette

The Distribute Layers buttons instantly position layers evenly between the two layers that are most distant from one another.


With all the video layers still selected, turn off each layer's Audio switch.

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