Adding the Background Car

The background is almost done, now that you've created the grid and fixed up the foreground car. To finish it, you'll add another version of the Saleen_Car_07 footage that you'll make play at a slightly different rate than the original. Do the following:


Go to time 3;00 in the Master composition's Timeline, and add Saleen_Car_07.avi from the Project window to the Timeline at the bottom of the layer stack.


Select the new layer, and choose Layer > Time Stretch. Set the Stretch Factor New Duration to 7;00 in the resulting dialog, and click OK.

As a result, the layer plays at a slower rate than the same footage that appears in the Car composition.


Set the layer's Scale to 200, 200%.


Apply Effect > Blur & Sharpen > Fast Blur to the Saleen_Car_07 layer, and set the effect's Blurriness to 10.


To fade in the layer, add a 0% Opacity keyframe at time 3;00 and a 100% Opacity keyframe at time 5;00.


To fade out the layer, change its Opacity to 50% at time 8;00 and 0% at time 9;00.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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