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To finish your project, you need to add a company slogan that reveals itself as the car is sketched onto the screen and another slogan that replaces the first when the car reveals itself. Both slogans scale themselves into place one character at a time. You can quickly create that effect by using a Text Animator rather than animating the Scale property in the Transform group. In addition, you can animate the Saleen logo for the final closing sequence.

To complete these remaining elements, follow these steps:


In the Master composition at time 1;00, add a text layer that displays THE IDEA IS BORN THAT BECOMES on one line followed by EXCELLENCE IN ENGINEERING.


Choose Scale from the layer's Animate menu in the Timeline. Add a Start keyframe and a Scale keyframe to the Animator with a value of 0 for each keyframe, and then change each property's value to 100% at time 3;00.


Animate the layer's Opacity from 100% at time 4;00 to 0% at time 5;00.


Add the second slogan by duplicating the THE IDEA IS… text layer, and move the top text layer so it starts at time 4;00.


Double-click the top text layer in the Timeline to select the characters, and then type AND GIVES BIRTH TO A DREAM on one line and THE INCREDIBLE SALEEN S7 on the next line.

Because of the Scale and Opacity animation in the text layer, you won't see all the text you type unless you go to time 6;00.


Add the Saleen_logo_Layers.psd file to the top of the Master Timeline, and then duplicate the layer.


Animate the Scale of the bottom logo layer to simulate a text-tracking effect.


Apply a Blur effect to the bottom logo layer, and then animate the blur.


Animate the Opacity of both logo layers from 0% at time 6;00 to 100% at time 7;00 to fade the layers into the scene.


Apply the Drop Shadow effect to the top logo layer.


To save the text animation (Opacity and Scale) for reuse later in another project, select the text layer in the Timeline, and choose Animation > Save Animation Preset. To save only the Scale animation, expand the text layer's Text group in the Timeline, click the Animator 1 name to select it, and then choose Animation > Save Animation Preset.

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