Preparing to Work

Amazingly, this industrial-looking project doesn't require any footage; everything is created with After Effects and the Continuum Complete collection of effects from Boris FX, which you must purchase and install into After Effects. But of course you already own that collection, right? No? Then install the trial version provided on this book's DVD or the Boris FX Web site (, and then make sure you finish this chapter within the next 14 days, before your trial period expires! (Actually, once the trial period ends, you can still follow along with the chapter; but any layer that uses a trial version effect will appear with a black X through it.)

Once the Boris FX effects are installed in After Effects, all you need to do is create a new project and the master composition before you're on to the real work.

To prepare for this project, do the following:


If you don't already have the Boris FX Continuum Complete collection of effects installed with After Effects, you can install a trial version from the book's DVD or from the Boris FX Web site at Once it's installed, you should see numerous submenus labeled BCC in the Effect menu in After Effects.


Start with a new project, and save it as Ch13Sci-FiClub.


Create a new composition named Ch 13 Sci-Fi Club Logo, using the Medium, 320x240 comp preset, with Duration 10:00 seconds.

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    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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