It Works Like This

Check out the movie file in this chapter's folder on the book's DVD to see the results of this chapter's project. This chapter shows you how to make a composition come alive with rhythm, first by animating an Illustrator file to sound and then by animating other elements that synchronize with the beat. The project you'll build uses the following techniques:

  1. Create keyframes from an audio file, and then use expressions to animate layers based on those keyframes.

  2. Use the Sequence Layers command to loop a layer in time.

  3. Create an animated background of pulsing circles.

  4. Use Time Remapping to manipulate layers in time.

A background of circles pulsing to the beat

The title scales in and then rotates in space.

The logo is brought in as if by audio waves.

    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
    Adobe After Effects 6.5 Magic
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