M units for <lifetime> tag attributes, explanation of, 99, 137

machineName attribute, role in HTTP channels for configuration files, 102

MAIL FROM code, role in SMTP, 319


defining data object for (in Singleton mode), 16-17

defining remote interface for, 15-16

executing remote method calls on server side with, 14

exposing in Singleton mode, 15-22

functionality of, 28

implementing server for, 17-19

refactoring event handling with, 191-196

role in basic lifetime example, 139-144

role in multiserver configuration, 68

marshalling objects by value, explanation of, 27

Mercury/31 e-mail server, downloading, 371

Mercury core configuration, changing to, 372

Message objects, serializing through formatters, 211-212

message sinks

examining, 209-211

role in .NET Remoting Framework layers, 103

messages. See also client-side messaging, server-side messaging

contents of, 208-209

creating, 203-204

moving through transport channels, 212-214

understanding role of, 207-209


advisory regarding configuration files, 89-95

extracting with SoapSuds command, 92

metadata-assembly generation, role in .NET Remoting, 12

metadata level, working at, 377-378

MethodCall messages

versus ConstructionCall, 207

partial definition of, 208-209


calling for expired objects, 150-155

calling on remote objects, 52

executing asynchronously, 179

MMC (Microsoft Management Console)

creating groups and assigning users with, 129

creating virtual roots with, 119

mobile objects versus remote objects, 1

mode attribute, using with <wellknown> property, 107

MS units for <lifetime> tag attributes, explanation of, 99-100, 137

MTS/COM+ (Microsoft Transaction Server)/Component Object Model) remoting framework, evolution of, 5

MulticastDelegate, basing server-side events on, 194

multiserver configuration

example of, 69-77

fundamentals of, 68

multiserver/multiclient management, performing with .NET Remoting, 14

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