Chapter 8. RSS, Cookies, and Dynamic Views in WhatWhat Status

In This Chapter

  • 8.1 Cookies and RecentChanges 116

  • 8.2 The Recent Changes Template 121

  • 8.3 WhatWhat Status Widgets 124

  • 8.4 Easy RSS with FeedController 128

  • 8.5 Summary 130

The WhatWhat Status RecentChanges page provides real-world examples of several important new TurboGears features. The RecentChanges subcontrollers uses cookies and RSS feeds. So, we take a look at those, but most important, this is where we see the first appearance of user-defined widgets. If you remember, we said that widgets bundle up HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in a reusable way, and the authors of WhatWhat Status took advantage of this to reduce code duplication in the "recent changes" template.

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