Section 7.5. Summary

7.5. Summary

  • TurboGears provides the identity module for easy authentication/authorization in your web applications.

  • You can restrict access to a particular method with @require(identity.not_anonymous) or any combination of the identity checks.

  • Identity also provides a special controller class (SecureResource) that enables you to protect that class and all its methods with a single require=identity.not_anonymous.

  • You don't have to rely on your controller to provide all the variables in your Kid templatesyou can import anything you need using the <?python ?> syntax Kid provides.

  • It's easy to create pop-up forms with a little bit of JavaScript. But unless you submit them to the server asyncronously, this isn't quite Ajax yet. We get to Ajax more in Chapter 9, "Ajax and WhatWhat Projects."

  • If you want to use validators without widgets, you can use the @validate decorator and set up a dictionary of validators to match the names of the fields that are coming in from the form.

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