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Pages provides a simple but powerful design environment. There are four main areas of the interface the document space, the toolbar, Inspector windows, and the application menu system.

The document space is enhanced with visual cues including layout guides that mark the sections of the page, formatting characters (Invisibles) that control text flow and placement, rulers with draggable margin controls, and context-sensitive alignment guides, and metrics pop-ups that appear as you move objects around the page.

The toolbar, found at the top of the document window, is a customizable control center that provides one-click access to many of Pages commands and controls. Depending on its definition, clicking an icon in the toolbar provides access to drop-down menus of commands, performs actions on the current selection, or launches additional windows or dialogs.

Inspector windows, with ten available control panes including document layout, text appearance, size and positioning of graphics, and much more, provide the ability to format most elements in your Pages document. Access a pane by clicking the corresponding button along the top of the window. You can have as many Inspector windows open at one time as you want or have room for.

While a number of the menu commands are reproduced in the toolbar and inspector windows, many powerful but less-used commands are found only in the application menu system. Most importantly, controls for dividing layouts and adding automatic content are found in the Insert menu and most of the controls used for creating templates are found in the Advanced sub-menu of the Format menu.

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    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
    Creating Pages with iWork. Visual QuickProject Guide
    ISBN: 321357558
    EAN: N/A
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 97

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