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XForms: XML Powered Web Forms
By T.V. Raman
Publisher : Addison Wesley
Pub Date : September 23, 2003
ISBN : 0-321-15499-1
Pages : 272

    Praise for XForms: XML Powered Web Forms
    List of Figures
    List of Tables
    How to Read This Book
      Welcome to XForms
      XForms Components
      XForms and the Next Generation Web
      Typographical Conventions
    Part I:  Welcome to XForms
        Chapter 1.  XML Powered Web Forms
      Section 1.1.  Background
      Section 1.2.  A Simple Web Application
      Section 1.3.  XForms Components
      Section 1.4.  Summary of XForms Benefits
      Section 1.5.  XForms at a Glance
        Chapter 2.  Standard Building Blocks
      Section 2.1.  Introduction
      Section 2.2.  XPath: XML Path Language
      Section 2.3.  DOM2 Events
      Section 2.4.  XML: Extensible Markup Language
      Section 2.5.  XML Schema
      Section 2.6.  XForms Implementations
      Section 2.7.  XML Standards at a Glance
    Part II:  XForms Components
        Chapter 3.  XForms User Interface Controls
      Section 3.1.  XForms User Interface Design
      Section 3.2.  Common Aspects of XForms Controls
      Section 3.3.  Collecting Text Input
      Section 3.4.  Selecting from a Set of Values
      Section 3.5.  Selecting from a Range of Values
      Section 3.6.  Uploading Data
      Section 3.7.  Triggering Actions
      Section 3.8.  Submitting Data
      Section 3.9.  XForms Controls at a Glance
        Chapter 4.  Creating Complex User Interfaces
      Section 4.1.  Aggregation Using group
      Section 4.2.  Dynamic User Interaction with switch
      Section 4.3.  Repeating Structures with repeat
      Section 4.4.  Complete Example of an XForms User Interface
      Section 4.5.  XForms User Interface at a Glance
        Chapter 5.  XForms Model Properties
      Section 5.1.  Introduction
      Section 5.3.  Property relevant for Model-based Switching
      Section 5.4.  Property required for Mandatory Fields
      Section 5.5.  Property readonly for Controlling Changes
      Section 5.6.  Property constraint for Dynamic Validation
      Section 5.7.  Constraining the Number of Permitted Entries
      Section 5.8.  Property calculate for Dynamic Computation
      Section 5.9.  Augmenting Schemas with Type Constraints
      Section 5.10.  Declaring Privacy Level Via P3P
      Section 5.11.  XForms Model Properties at a Glance
        Chapter 6.  XForms Functions
      Section 6.1.  Introduction
      Section 6.2.  Boolean Functions
      Section 6.3.  Number Functions
      Section 6.4.  String Functions
      Section 6.5.  Date-time Functions
      Section 6.6.  Node-set Functions
      Section 6.7.  XForms Functions at a Glance
        Chapter 7.  XForms Actions
      Section 7.1.  Introduction
      Section 7.2.  Declarative Event Handlers
      Section 7.3.  XForms Actions at a Glance
        Chapter 8.  XForms Events
      Section 8.1.  Introduction
      Section 8.2.  Initialization Events
      Section 8.3.  Interaction Events
      Section 8.4.  Notification Events
      Section 8.5.  XForms Events at a Glance
    Part III:  XForms and the Next Generation Web
        Chapter 9.  Connecting the User to Web Services
      Section 9.1.  A Human-centric View of Web Services
      Section 9.2.  Connecting Users to Their Data
      Section 9.3.  Creating Personalized Information Views
      Section 9.4.  XForms Web Services at a Glance
        Chapter 10.  Multimodal Access
      Section 10.1.  Multimodal Interaction for Ubiquitous Access
      Section 10.2.  Multimodal User Interface Principles
      Section 10.3.  Creating Multimodal Interfaces Using XForms
      Section 10.4.  Multimodal Interaction at a Glance
        Chapter 11.  XForms and Accessibility
      Section 11.1.  XForms Enables Universal Access
      Section 11.2.  Design Principles for Accessible Interfaces
      Section 11.3.  Leveraging XForms Accessibility Features
      Section 11.4.  XForms Accessibility at a Glance
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