Managing the Trash

Do you know someone who likes to keep every possession, supposing that someday he might need it, only to clutter up an attic or basement? Well, GroupWise is like that. Deleted messages stick around in the Trash folder until you manually empty it, or until trash day rolls around. Trash day is set up just like it is in your neighborhoodonce a week. However, you can change the default setting for emptying the Trash folder. (We explain how to change the default setting in Chapter 11.)

You saw how to delete messages in Chapter 3, "Messaging Fundamentals." After messages have been deleted, you can perform one of two actions: undelete the messages or purge them from the Trash.

Here's how to undelete a message:


Highlight the Trash folder. All deleted items appear in the Items Area.


Select a message or group of messages from the Items Area.


Select Edit and Undelete. (Alternatively, right-click the message or group and choose Undelete from the QuickMenu.)

The message returns to its original location.

To purge the Trash, simply choose Edit, Empty Trash.

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Novell GroupWise 7 Users Handbook
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