Using the Calendar

You can manage your calendar using the WebAccess client; this works in much the same way as the regular client. The process of accessing and creating appointments, reminder notes, and tasks is easy using the WebAccess client.

Clicking the Calendar tab across the top of the WebAccess interface displays your calendar entries, as shown in Figure 13.10.

Figure 13.10. The WebAccess GroupWise Calendar enables you to manage your appointments, notes, and tasks.

The current day with your appointments, notes, and tasks is displayed. You can navigate to the desired date by clicking the left and right arrows next to the current date or by using the Month view to the left. The Month view also allows you to jump forward or back by the month or year.

You can also display the calendar in a Day, Week, or Month view using the appropriate button on the Toolbar.

If you need to create a new appointment, task, or note, click the New button and select the appropriate item type.


To see the details about a specific calendar event, place your mouse over the event, and a "bubble" window appears with the details listed. You can also single-click an entry, which opens a new browser window with all the details listed.

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