Chapter9.Document Management

Chapter 9. Document Management

The document management capabilities built into GroupWise make it a unique product in the email and groupware industry. The GroupWise document management service is a feature that lets you manage your documents within the GroupWise system. By integrating messaging and document management, GroupWise makes it easy to access documents and share them with others.

Document management is very different from file management. In file management, you store your files in directories and subdirectories on your hard drive (or on a network drive). In document management, all documents are stored in a central location on a network. Instead of storing your documents in directories and subdirectories, you store them in a database system.

You can use GroupWise document management features to perform the following tasks:

  • Store document files in the GroupWise system

  • Access common files shared by members of your organization, company, or department and share your files with other users

  • Maintain multiple versions of documents

  • Search for documents stored in the system


GroupWise document management must be configured at the GroupWise system level before individual users can utilize the document management features. If you are unsure about whether document management is available at your organization, ask your system administrator.

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