How to Use This Book and the CD

I've included several testing features in the book and on the CD-ROM. These tools will help you retain vital exam content as well as prepare to sit for the actual exam:

  • Before You Begin At the beginning of the book (right after this Introduction) is an assessment test that you can use to check your readiness for the exam. Take this test before you start reading the book; it will help you determine the areas you may need to brush up on. The answers to the assessment test appear on a separate page after the last question of the test. Each answer includes an explanation and a note telling you the chapter in which the material appears.

  • Chapter Review Questions To test your knowledge as you progress through the book, there are review questions at the end of each chapter. As you finish each chapter, answer the review questions and then check your answers-the correct answers appear on the page following the last review question. You can go back to reread the section that covers each question you got wrong to ensure that you answer correctly the next time you're tested on the material.

  • Electronic Flashcards You'll find 150 flashcard questions on the CD for on-the-go review. These are short questions and answers, just like the flashcards you probably used to study in school. You can answer them on your PC or download them onto a PDA device for quick and convenient reviewing.

  • Test Engine The CD also contains the Sybex Test Engine. Using this custom test engine, you can identify weak areas up front and then develop a solid studying strategy. Our thorough readme file will walk you through the quick, easy installation process.

    In addition to taking the assessment test and the chapter review questions in the test engine, you'll find two sample exams. Take these practice exams just as if you were taking the actual exam (without any reference material). After you've finished the first exam, move on to the next one to solidify your test-taking skills. If you get more than 90 percent of the answers correct, you're ready to take the certification exam.

  • Full Text of the Book in PDF The CD-ROM contains this book in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format so you can easily read it on any computer. If you have to travel but still need to study for the exam, and you have a laptop with a CD-ROM drive, you can carry this entire book with you.

CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide Exam RF0-101, includes CD-ROM
CompTIA RFID+ Study Guide Exam RF0-101, includes CD-ROM
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