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Steven Glass has a decade-long history with Mobile IP, beginning with its early days as an IETF draft in 1994. While with FTP Software from 19921998, Steven developed the first commercially available Mobile Agents in 1994, participated in the first Mobile IP Testathon in 1995, became its lead engineer in 1996, and coordinated the second Mobile IP Testathon in 1997. Employed by Sun Microsystems in 1999, he was the senior staff technical lead for Sun Microsystems' Mobile IP project from 20012002. Beyond Mobile IP, Steven became the technical lead for the release of Solaris 9 update 3 from 20022003. Other contributions include RFCs 3543, 2989, 2977, 2504, 2290, and 2196 for the IETF; several technical book reviews for Prentice Hall and Addison-Wesley, magazine publications, white papers, architectures, and draft reviews too numerous to mention; and he has contributed to many technological innovations, including a U.S. Patent application through Sun Microsystems for his work with "Home Agents as DHCP Proxies." Also an Internet Security and Privacy expert, Steven contributed to several startup ventures as a network and security architect for distributed video-processing systems, his own home-network appliances, and he is currently working on his own publication in Geoelectrodynamics. Steven received his bachelor's degree in Physics and Mathematics in 1991 from Boston University, where he also did post-graduate work. He has spent time in 25 countries, and his hobbies include a passion for baseball, mountain biking, sea kayaking, scuba diving, tennis, and skiing.

Richard Shao, CCIE No. 5723, joined Cisco in 1999 and is currently working as a technical marketing engineer supporting IP mobility in the Cisco Internet Technology Division. Prior to working in this division, Richard was a technical lead dealing with Cisco Catalyst switches in the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC). Richard earned his master of science degree in telecommunication from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Kevin Turek, CCIE No. 7284, joined Cisco in 2000 and is currently working as a network consulting engineer supporting wireless/mobility on the Advanced Technology in Cisco's Federal Support Program. He has been involved with several Cisco Press projects, including coauthoring the Cisco Press book Cisco Catalyst QoS: Quality of Service in Campus Networks. Kevin earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration at the State University of New York, Stony Brook.

    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    Mobile IP Technology and Applications
    ISBN: 158705132X
    EAN: 2147483647
    Year: 2005
    Pages: 124

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