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Caldera distribution, focus of, 103

CD writer, using with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 313-314

CDE (Common Desktop Environment), explanation of, 86

cdrecord Red Hat program, burning CDs with, 318-319

CDs (compact discs), creating for use with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 317-319

CF (Compact Flash) cards, usage with USB devices, 311

cgi-bin Apache installation subdirectory, contents of, 242, 246-247

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) standard, explanation of, 247

changelog Debian archive file, purpose of, 193

checkgid program in Apache bin directory, purpose of, 243

chkconfig command

making compatible with apachectl program, 252

versus update-rc.d tool, 158

usage with xinetd, 98

using with CVS, 272

Classes of IP networks, types of, 381

CLASSPATH variable, role in installing JAR files, 280-282, 343

COM (component object model) versus KDE and GNOME, 48

command-line parameters, explanation of, 181-182

compile-time configurations, explanation of, 176

compilers, purpose of, 180

conf Apache installation subdirectory

configuration files in, 245-246

contents of, 242

configuration alternatives, 414

configuration files for Red Hat Linux, location of, 95

./configure --help command, running from CVS root directory, 257

./configure program

completing Apache installations with, 240-241

using with MPMs, 239

console.perms file in PAM, purpose of, 102

control Debian archive file, purpose of, 193

control element in PAM configuration files, purpose of, 213-214

copyleft, explanation of, 22

copyright Debian archive file, purpose of, 193

core framework module of USB devices, explanation of, 309

cpio command, explanation of, 57-58

CrossOver Plugin, explanation of, 322

cvs command, usage of, 267

CVS authentication, using hybrid type of, 266

CVS (Concurrent Version System) program

compile-time options for, 257-259

configuring for server mode, 260-267

creating repository directory for, 260-261

creating user accounts for, 261-263

enabling client and server modes for, 259

establishing run-time parameters for, 267

installing, 257-259

installing from source code, 259

managing xinetd program with, 271-272

purpose of, 182, 255-256

setting permissions with, 263-266

system authentication case settings for, 263-265

using local passwd file with, 262-263

virtual accounts case settings for, 265-266

CVS configuration files, creating for use with Red Hat Linux, 269-271

CVS installations

on Debian GNU/Linux, 273

on Red Hat Linux, 268-272

on Slackware Linux, 272-273

CVS mode, selecting best type of, 259

CVS repositories

mission-critical type of, 261

ownership of, 265

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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