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backporting, explanation of, 34

bash configuration, capabilities of, 97

bash core library package and Debian GNU/Linux, 160

and Slackware Linux, 121

usage with Red Hat Linux 7/3, 85

bash shell script, example of, 82

bin Apache installation subdirectory

administration programs in, 243-244

contents of, 242-245

database management programs in, 244-245

server programs in, 243

/bin directory

Red Hat comments about, 70

typical contents of, 38-39

binary and source installations, choosing between, 175-177

binary compatible shared libraries, explanation of, 222

bind configuration file, code for, 396

bind nameserver, installing and configuring, 395-396

bind program, purpose of, 395

bison software development tool, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 340

/boot directory

Red Hat comments about, 70

typical contents of, 38

boot loaders, definition of, 92

BOOTPROTO variable, role in DHCP, 331

braces ({}), purpose in Dante SOCKS library route blocks, 228

browser plug-ins, usage of, 302-304

BSD (Berkeley Systems Distribution)

license for, 23-24

origin of, 4, 71

reasons for usage of, 118-119

usage of, 43

BSD init scripts used by Slackware, understanding, 112-119

buffer overflow bug, explanation of, 359-360

bugs, tracking with Bugtraq mailing list, 404

Bugtraq mailing list, purpose of, 404

build Apache installation subdirectory, contents of, 242

BUILD directory in /usr/src/redhat, contents of, 189

build-time configurations, explanation of, 176

.bz2 extension, meaning of, 107

bzip2 file compression utility, benefit of, 11

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Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
Tuning and Customizing a Linux System
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