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ab program in Apache bin directory, purpose of, 242

Abiword office productivity application web site, 299

access permissions in RPM, explanation of, 59

access_log default Apache log file, contents of, 246

account value of PAM type element, explanation of, 213, 218

Advanced Server edition of Red Hat, purpose of, 91

alien program, role in installing non-Debian packages, 155-156

Alpha architecture for RPM, explanation of, 57

alternatives mechanism, using with Red Hat Linux, 93

ant tool

automating Java builds with, 341-342

downloading, 341

Apache compile-time options, table of, 240

Apache HTTP Server

choosing installation directory for, 236-237

choosing MPMs for, 239-240

compile-time options for, 235-240

configuring, 241-248

content directories in, 246-247

customizing, 248-250

customizing directories in, 249

disabling with Slackware Linux, 132-133

documentation directories in, 247

dynamics of, 233-234

enabling loadable module support for, 237-238

installation directory versus data file location for, 237

installing, 234-241

installing on Debian GNU/Linux, 253-254

installing on Red Hat Linux, 250-253

installing on Slackware Linux, 253

navigating installation directory for, 241-242

objectives of, 233

using directives with, 249

Apache license, purpose of, 25

Apache modules, usage of, 237-239

Apache Software Foundation, purpose of, 233-234

apachectl program in Apache bin directory

making compatible with chkconfig, 252

purpose of, 242, 251

applets, explanation of, 304

application software, usage of, 50-51

Applixware office productivity application web site, 299

apt-get program in Debian GNU/Linux

managing package sources with, 149-150

purpose of, 142

versus up2date, 150

using, 144-146

apxs Apache support program, purpose of, 243

arch/i386/bzImage kernel, creation of new kernel in, 95

architectures of RPM, explanation of, 56-57

arguments element in PAM configuration files, purpose of, 215

Asset Insight tool, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 338

asset-management software, using with Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 338

atomic operations, definition of, 56

auth value of PAM type element, explanation of, 212-213, 217

authentication, role in PAMs, 209-210

autoconf software installation tool in GNU, using, 186-188

autoconf tools, purpose of, 11

autofs service, role in NFS, 336

automounter, using with NFS, 336-337

avifile media player, using with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 321-322

awk alternatives, choosing with Debian GNU/Linux, 165

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