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Dante SOCKS library

compiling and installing, 224

configuration advisory, 224

configuration fields, table of, 226

configuration file format of, 227-229

configuring, 225-230

creating route blocks with, 228-229

explanation of, 221-223

file-format advisory about, 228

installation summary, 225

installing, 223-225

locating configuration file for, 225-226

obtaining network settings for, 226-227

setting global options for, 227-228

setting installation path for, 223-224

and Unix shared libraries, 222

Dante SOCKS library installations

on Debian GNU/Linux, 231-232

on Red Hat Linux, 231

on Slackware Linux, 231

Darwin on Linux web site, 14

dash (-), appearance in command-line parameters, 182

db2 and db3 core library packages, usage with Red Hat Linux 7/3, 86

dbmmanage program in Apache bin directory, purpose of, 243, 245

Deb files, explanation of, 36

debconf package

configuring, 152-153

purpose of, 151-152

Debian archive files, table of, 193

Debian GNU/Linux

/etc/alternatives directory in, 164-165

/etc directory in, 161-165

/etc/dpkg directory in, 164

and /etc/inittab file, 159-160

background and philosophy of, 139-140

choosing awk alternatives with, 165

choosing vi alternatives with, 164-165

configuring packages with, 151-153

configuring X display manager with, 165-166

core system libraries of, 160

derivatives of, 168

and desktop, 160

idiosyncrasies of, 161-168

installing Apache HTTP Server on, 253-254

installing CVS on, 273

installing J2SDK on, 286

installing OpenSSH on, 207

and kernel, 141-142

mailing list for, 415

managing packages with, 147-153

managing source code with, 155

mechanism versus user interface in, 156

network transparency of, 142, 145

obtaining updates for, 405

packaging format of, 35

packaging formats of, 142-157

Policies of, 141

removing inetd services with, 167

securing, 165-168

shutting down unneeded SysV services with, 167

Social Contract of, 140

software installation tools for, 192-193

system startups scripts, 157-160

update-rc.d tool, 158-159

upgrading installed packages with, 149-150

upgrading system with, 153-154

usage of, 31

userspace applications for, 160

using invoke-rc.d tool with, 159

using man interfaces command with, 164

using update-inetd program with, 168

and X Window system, 160

Debian package archives, manipulating, 154-155

dependency checks in RPM, explanation of, 59-60

deselect program in Debian GNU/Linux, purpose of, 142

desktop and productivity applications, using, 295-300

desktop environment component of Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, purpose of, 295-297

desktop environments

changing with Slackware Linux, 134-135

choosing, 295-296

versus window managers, 47

desktop managers, purpose of, 134

desktop system case study in Red Hat

audience for, 291-292

building, 294-295

CD writer used with, 313-314

creating CDs for use with, 317-319

defining, 292-293

hardware support for, 305-315

implementing connectivity and remote access in, 324-325

playing digital audio files with, 319-321

playing games in, 323-324

providing web proxy server for, 325

selecting packages for, 294

using 3D graphics cards with, 314-316

using cdrecord program with, 319

using digital cameras with, 316-317

using mkisofs program with, 319

using OpenOffice with, 298

using xcdroast program with, 319

watching digital video files with, 321-323


definition of, 50

versus workstations, 293

destinations, determining for software installation, 177-180

/dev directory

Red Hat comments about, 70

typical contents of, 38

dev= argument, using with cdrecord program, 319

development version of Linux kernel, explanation of, 33

development workstation case study in Red Hat. See also workstations

alternate configurations for, 352-353

alternate web languages for, 353

audience for, 327

building, 328-329

configuration details, 330

configuring Java environment for, 340-346

corporate interoperation in, 348-350

developing traditional software for, 353

installing core development tools for, 339-340

installing portmap service in, 332

local network in, 330-331

managing assets with, 338

managing ownership and permissions in, 346

network and management tools for, 330-339

providing remote root access with, 338-339

running J2EE applications with Tomcat in, 346

running VMware in, 349-350

securing workstations in, 351-352

security issues in, 350-352

selecting packages for, 329

updating environment scripts for, 343-344

uses for, 328

using Apache HTTP Server with, 347

using DHCP on, 331

using NFS with, 335-337

using NIS with, 332-334

using OpenOffice with, 348-350

DHCP daemons, configuring, 391-394

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol)

installing for internal machines, 390

role in servicing networks with firewalls, 364

using in Red Hat Linux development workstation case study, 331

DHCP leases, understanding, 392

DHCP servers, starting and stopping, 390

dhcpd configuration file, code for, 391

dial-up connections, using firewalls with, 366

digital cameras

USB devices used with, 310-311

using with Red Hat Linux desktop system case study, 316-317

directives, using with Apache, 249


contents of, 37

customizing in Apache, 249

mounting with NFS, 336-337

directory blocks, using with Apache, 249-250

disable parameter of xinetd configuration file, role in CVS and Red Hat Linux installation, 270

distributions. See also Debian GNU/Linux, Linux distributions, Red Hat Linux, Slackware Linux, software installation

definition of, 29

goals of, 31-32, 31-32

mailing lists for, 415

versus packaging formats, 36-37

packaging formats of, 35

DLL hell, explanation of, 66

DNAT (Destination NAT) versus masquerading, 362-363

DNAT variables, setting in /etc/sysconfig/firewall script, 382

DNS (Domain Name Service)

role in servicing networks with firewalls, 364

DNS servers, enhancing on networks, 409

domains, role in NIS, 333

dot (.) path, explanation of, 282

dpkg-configure command, purpose of, 152

dpkg-deb operations versus RPM, 154-155

dpkg-deb program, usage of, 192-193

dpkg program in Debian GNU/Linux

purpose of, 142

using, 143-144

dpkg-reconfigure command, purpose of, 152

dpkg tool, using with Debian GNU/Linux, 147-148

DPT= value in logs, meaning of, 402

drop-in configuration file directories

configuring PAM with, 211-212

configuring software with, 183-184

dselect program in Debian GNU/Linux

managing packages with, 150-151

using, 146

DSO modules, compiling and installing, 243-244

DSOs (Dynamic Shared Objects), usage with Apache, 237-239

DST= value in logs, meaning of, 402

dynamically linked libraries and LGPL, relationship between, 24

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