Eliminating Classes

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A class may be eliminated altogether from the model. This happens when:

  • The class does not have any structure or behavior

  • The class does not participate in any use cases

In particular, examine control classes. Lack of sequencing responsibility may lead to the deletion of the control class. This is especially true if the control class is only a pass-through ”that is, the control class receives information from a boundary class and immediately passes it to an entity class without the need for sequencing logic.

In the ESU Course Registration System, initially we would create a control class for the Select Courses to Teach use case. This use case provides the capability for professors to state what course offerings they will teach in a given semester. There is no sequencing logic needed for the control class ”the professor enters the information on the GUI screen and the Professor is added to the selected offering. Here is a case where the control class for the use case could be eliminated.

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