Creating Attributes

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Many of the attributes of a class are found in the problem statement, the set of system requirements, and the flow of events documentation. They may also be discovered when supplying the definition of a class. Finally, domain expertise is also a good source of attributes for a class. For example, the requirements state that information such as course name, description, and number of credit hours is available in the Course Catalog for a semester. This implies that name , description, and number of credit hours are attributes of the Course class.


  1. Right-click to select the class in the browser and make the pop-up menu visible.

  2. Select the New:Attribute menu choice. This will create an attribute called Name in the browser.

  3. With the new attribute selected, enter the desired name.

Attributes for the Course class are shown in Figure 7-4.

Figure 7-4. Attributes in the Browser


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