Performing Enterprise Global Backup and Restore

Like any other data, the Enterprise Global template can become corrupted, or it can be changed in error and then fail to recover. For these reasons, you need to back up your Enterprise Global template(s) regularly. Another good use for the Backup Restore Enterprise Global template feature is to share the Enterprise Global settings across several Project Server databases. Some users will create both a production and training database. The training database is used for user training and configuration experimentation. After a configuration of Enterprise Outline Codes or Options is tested and accepted, the Backup Enterprise Global and Restore Enterprise Global can be used to move the tested Enterprise Global to the production environment.

Backing Up Enterprise Global Template Data

To back up an Enterprise Global template, you need to be logged in to Project Professional with sufficient privileges to perform the backups. Follow these steps to back up the Enterprise Global template data:


Open Project Professional.


Select Tools, Enterprise Options, Backup Enterprise Global.

A browse window prompts you to save the Enterprise Global template data to an external file. You also have the option to save this backup through an ODBC connection to a database. This method allows you to store several Enterprise Global templates in a central repository.

The default name for the backup file is EntGlobalBackup, but you may want to change the filename.


Consider using a filenaming convention that helps you easily identify the server name and last-used date of a particular Enterprise Global template. That way, you can use those files as starting points for changes to future global settings, and you have a historical record of backup timing.

Restoring Enterprise Global Template Data

To restore the Enterprise Global Template data, perform the following steps:


Open Project Professional.


Select Tools, Enterprise Options, Restore Enterprise Global.


Select Tools, Change Working Time.

A dialog box asks you to select a server account user profile to use when performing the restore, and the user profile must have the correct privileges.


Restoring the Enterprise Global template to a Microsoft Project Server cannot be reversed. Before clicking the Restore button, make a backup copy of the active Enterprise Global template so that you can recover the previous Enterprise Global settings, if necessary.

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