Best Practices

  • When designing and developing the structure of the enterprise outline codes and fields, keep in mind that these are limited in number and that they must satisfy the entire project management community in an organization. Therefore, you should use the limited number of codes and fields available wisely.

  • It is difficult to delete an outline code after it has been used for either projects or resources. Do not delete outline codes and fields that have projects and resources associated with them. First, remove the association of projects or resources with the values of the code that you want to delete, and only after that can you delete an outline code or a field.

  • When developing the list of skill sets try to stay focused on only those skills needed for proper scheduling and resource management. Resist the temptation to list every single skill that a resource has. If you do that, you may end up with a long list of skills that is difficult to manage.

  • When designing the enterprise views for the Portfolio Analyzer, keep in mind that this is a fully interactive tool and the end user can manipulate the data displayed. Unlike Project Access Views, the end user has access to all fields available. Therefore, design only those views required at the corporate level, leaving specific views to be created by the end users.

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