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In this book, I have tried to take programmers, graphic designers, Web developers, and animators to a place of pure fantasypainlessly. I have, in these pages, done my best to turn the inexperienced programmer from any field into a well-rounded ActionScript game programmer.

If you've encountered any type of programming before, you know it isn't always easy. For this reason, I have tried to keep the text as friendly and as non-technical as possible. This way, you can quickly get a solid foundation in programming as you experiment with the source code in the book. As soon as you're confident enoughwhich should be relatively soon if you practiceyou will begin to make your own creative games .

Why games? If you are like me, you've sat in front of your game console or computer and wondered, "How did they do that?" Most of these secrets will be unveiled in this book. You will pick up solid concepts that will help your game-programming career using ActionScript.

You'll be using Macromedia Flash to create these games. Flash has become so powerful that it is now heavily used for Web development as well as an animation package. You'll explore many possibilities within the Flash environment and discover what it can do for you. I will start off at an easy pace, assuming no knowledge of Flash on your part, and then will build on my lessons.

I won't discuss operating-system specifics in this book, as that discussion could take up a few books itself. Flash is on cross-platforms, meaning it's on virtually every known system out there. But, just because I'm a nice guy, I will post shortcut keys for both Windows and Mac OS environments in the text. These shortcuts will greatly improve your productivity.

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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