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Game Development with ActionScript
By Lewis Moronta
Publisher : Premier Press
Pub Date : 2004
ISBN : 1-59299-110-6
Pages : 424
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Game Development with ActionScript is the concise book of choice for learning how to program your own games in Flash from scratch!. Assuming no previous programming knowledge, the average aspiring programmer will learn how to create and design his own programs in a matter of pages.. Clear and concise text introduces concepts through numerous demos throughout the book. Hands-on exercises reinforce these concepts giving the reader a solid foundation of skills. Q&As at the end of each chapter assure that no gaps in knowledge are left unfilled.


  • This book is a companion to Macromedia Flash MX Game Programming. It is targeted at the beginner-intermediate user; the Flash MX book is for intermediate-advanced user .

  • Focuses more on artistic game design and programming; the Flash MX book is heavier on the programming side.

  • Requires no prior programming knowledge and no prior Flash MX knowledge.

  • Covers Flash MX?s newest features. Many competing titles do not because they are based on Flash 5

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Game Development with ActionScript
Game Development with ActionScript
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