Section 7.7. Three Useful Panels

7.7. Three Useful Panels

Just below the Source list, iPhoto can display any of three useful panels:

  • Information . On this panel, you can view and edit general data about a photo, album, roll, or whatever else you've selected.

  • Calendar . This feature, new in iPhoto 5, is fantastically useful. It helps you pluck a photo out of your thousands according to the timeline of your life.

  • Keywords . This option was in previous versions of iPhoto, but its location is new. As before, the idea is that you can use this list of keywords for tagging your pictures with text labels, from "Robin" to "sunny day" to "prize winner."

To open one of these panels, click the corresponding button beneath the Source list: the blue circled i for the Information panel, the tiny grid for the Calendar panel, and the little key for the Keywords panel. (You close the panel by clicking the same button again.) Note, too, that you can adjust the relative height of the panel by dragging the gray divider bar just above it, as illustrated in Figure 7-11.

This chapter covers all three displays, beginning with the information panel.

Figure 7-11. As shown here by the arrows, you can adjust the size of the information panel either horizontally or vertically, just by dragging the gray "metallic" divider bars.

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