Section 3.4. Song Information

3.4. Song Information

You have a couple different ways to change song titles in iTunesto fix a typo or other incorrect information, for example.

In the song list, click the text you want to change, wait a moment, then click again to make the renaming rectangle appear. Type to edit the text, exactly as when you change a file name on the desktop.

Another way to change the song's title, artist name, or other information is to click the song in the iTunes window and press -I to bring up the Get Info box. (Choose File Get Info if you forget the keyboard shortcut.) Click the Info tab (Figure 3-5) and type in the new track information. This is the way to go if you have several pieces of information to change.

Remember, too, that you can change the information for a whole batch of selected songs at once. See Section 1.3 for details on the Multiple Song Info dialog box.

Tip: Once you've got a song's Get Info box up on the screen, you can use the Previous and Next buttons to navigate to the other tracks grouped with it in the iTunes song list window. This way, if you want to rapidly edit all the track information on the same playlist, on the same album, in the same genre , or by the same artist, you don't have to keep closing and opening each song's Get Info box.

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