Step 4.1: Close the Welcome window

Step 4.1: Close the Welcome window

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Let's get rid of the Welcome panel. You may have noticed that the Welcome window is in the location I told you was normally used for editors. In fact, the Welcome display is technically an editor. It's a read-only editor; you can't actually change the contents of the window. But it displays many of the characteristics of other editor panels, including the fact that it has a small tab that displays at the top of the editor panel.

When you have multiple resources open for editing, you will see more than one of these tabs. You will see in later steps that you can use the tabs for manipulating the editors in many ways. But for now, you're just going to use the "close" capability.

q 4.1(a) Close the Eclipse Platform Welcome window by clicking on the X on its tab.

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Figure 4.2: Close the Welcome panel by clicking on the X.

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