Adding Lower Third Text for the Anchorman

We'll now add some text to display over the lower third graphic at the bottom of the screen. In this case, we'll simply add the name of the anchorman and his title, which is "anchorman." As noted earlier, lower third text is usually used to identify the person on the screen, and their location. But it can also be used to convey highlights from other news stories, sports scores, and so on. This type of text typically crawls across the bottom of the screen, from right to left (so that we can read it from left to right). If you want to use this technique, it's easy with Premiere Elements. Just use click the Roll/Crawl options button and select Crawling text.

Type the Text and Choose a Style

Click the Add Text button to switch to the Titler workspace:

Replace the default text, "Add Text," with Joe, Your Anchorman.

Select the New Times Roman from the fonts menu on the Properties panel.

Resize the text to 32 points.

Style the text to be bold, italic by clicking the Make Text Bold and Make Text Italic buttons, respectively.

Reposition the text, by dragging it, so that it is positioned over the lower third graphic.

On the Timeline, do the following:

  • Position the Title 02 clip on the Video 5 track so that the head of the clip lines up with the head (start) of the anchor.avi and the 144_Lowerthird2.avi clips.

  • Grab the tail of the Title 02 clip and drag it across the Video 5 track until it matches the length of the anchor.avi clip.


    We want the Title 02 clip to be the same length as the anchor.avi clip so that the text displays for as long as the anchorman is on the screen. If you want the text to appear later or end sooner, just adjust the start and end points accordingly.

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Hollywood Special Effects with Adobe Premiere Elements 3
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