Table of Contents

¢   Table of Contents
Macromedia Director MX for Windows and Macintosh: Visual QuickStart Guide
By Andre  Persidsky, Mark  Schaeffer
Publisher : Peachpit Press
Pub Date : May 13, 2003
ISBN : 0-321-19399-7
Pages : 400
Slots : 1    

      Thank You
        Who Uses Director?
        Director Compared with Flash
        What's New in Director MX
      Chapter 1.   Director Basics
        Getting Started
        Converting Older Movies to MX Format
        Setting General Preferences
        Setting Movie Properties
        Working Faster
        Looking at Director's Interface
        Using Windows and Panels
        Selecting Colors
        Director's Help System
      Chapter 2.   Assembling Casts
        Creating Casts
        Importing Cast Members
        Importing PowerPoint Files
        Managing Cast Windows
        Selecting, Moving, and Deleting Cast Members
        Managing Cast and Cast Member Properties
      Chapter 3.   Building a Score
        Using Frames and Channels
        Working with Sprites
        Changing Sprite Properties
        Using Sprite Ink Effects
        Aligning Sprites on the Stage
        Locking Sprites
        Changing the Score View
        Setting Markers
      Chapter 4.   Animating Sprites
        Setting Keyframes
        Adjusting Motion
        Step Recording
        Real-Time Recording
        Animating Frame by Frame
        Making Film Loops
        Animating Cursors
      Chapter 5.   Playing & Refining Movies
        Using the Control Panel
        Setting a Movie's Tempo
        Comparing Target Tempo with Actual Tempo
        Using Scene Transitions
      Chapter 6.   Using Paint Tools
        Paint Window Basics
        Selecting and Moving Images
        Setting Line Widths
        Customizing the Brush Tool
        Customizing the Air Brush Tool
        Using Colors and Patterns
        Using Ink Effects
        Painting with Gradient Ink
        Creating Bitmapped Text
        Applying Effects
        Onion Skinning
      Chapter 7.   Drawing Vector Shapes
        Vector Shape Window Basics
        Creating Vector Shapes
        Editing Vector Shapes
      Chapter 8.   Compositing Images
        Using Ink Effects for Transparency
        Using Ink Masks
        Eliminating Halos in Imported Images
        Working with Alpha Channels
      Chapter 9.   Working on the Stage
        Setting Stage Properties
        Zooming and Scrolling the Stage
        Using Grids and Guides
        Creating Shapes on the Stage
        Creating Buttons on the Stage
        Creating Text on the Stage
      Chapter 10.   Adding Digital Video
        Importing and Previewing Digital Video Files
        Working with Video Sprites
        Setting Digital Video Properties
        Editing QuickTime Files
        Importing Animated GIFs
      Chapter 11.   Using Flash Movies in Director
        Importing and Configuring Flash Movies
        Working with Flash Sprites
        Editing Flash Cast Members
      Chapter 12.   Adding Text
        Creating and Importing Text
        Editing Text
        Formatting Text
        Embedding Fonts
        Creating Hyperlinked Text
      Chapter 13.   Adding Sound
        Importing and Previewing Sound Files
        Working with Sound Sprites
        Synchronizing Sound to Actions
        Compressing Sounds
        Using Streaming Sounds
        Recording Sounds in Director
      Chapter 14.   Adding Behaviors
        Assigning Behaviors
        Modifying Assigned Behaviors
        Creating and Modifying Behaviors
      Chapter 15.   Scripting Lingo
        Understanding Events and Handlers
        Types of Lingo Scripts
        Writing Scripts
        Scripting Navigation
        Using the Message Window
        Using Variables
        Making Sprites Interactive
        Using Lingo for Animated Cursors
      Chapter 16.   Creating a Projector
        Making a Projector
        Protecting Movie Files
      Chapter 17.   Making Movies for the Web
        Creating a Shockwave Movie
        Playing a Shockwave Movie
        Controlling the Size of a Shockwave Movie
        Working with Publish Settings
        Making Streaming Shockwave Movies
        Converting Multiple Movies
      Chapter 18.   Shockwave 3D
        Creating and Modifying 3D Text
        Using Imported 3D Files
        Working with 3D Sprites
        Making 3D Sprites Interactive
      Chapter 19.   Using Xtras
        Acquiring, Installing, and Using Xtras
        Including Xtras with Projectors
        Using Xtras with Shockwave Movies
        Using ActiveX Controls
      Chapter 20.   Accessibility
        About Keyboard Navigation
        Adding Text-to-Speech Capability
        Adding Captions
      Appendix A.   Numeric Keypad Shortcuts
      Appendix B.   Keyboard Shortcuts

Macromedia Director MX for Windows and Macintosh. Visual QuickStart Guide
Macromedia Director MX for Windows and Macintosh. Visual QuickStart Guide
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