Adding Footnotes and Endnotes

A footnote differs from a footer in that a footnote appears only at the bottom of the page on which you include it. Word inserts a footnote reference in the text where you choose to insert the footnote. If you later add text to the page so that the footnote reference moves to the next document page, Word automatically moves the footnote as well. Therefore, the footnote always appears on the same page as its reference. Endnotes are footnotes that appear at the end of your document rather than at the bottom of each page.

To Do: Insert a Footnote

To insert a footnote, follow these steps:

  1. Select Insert, Reference, Footnote. Word displays the Footnote and Endnote dialog box shown in Figure 5.10. Click the option you want to add, Footnotes or Endnotes.

    Figure 5.10. Add footnotes and endnotes with this dialog box.


  2. If you want Word to number the footnote (or endnote) sequentially starting with 1, click Insert. If you want to use a different symbol for the number, click the Symbol button, choose a symbol, and then select that symbol from the Custom Mark text box.

  3. Click Insert to add the footnote. Word adds a separating line between your document and the note, adds the reference number to your document text where you inserted the footnote, and places the cursor at the bottom of the page next to the footnote reference number.

  4. Type the footnote (or endnote) and click your mouse on the body of the document to resume editing.

Remember that you must display the Print Layout view to see headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes in their proper places on the page.

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