Creating Headers and Footers

A header is text that appears at the top of each page (or the pages you select, such as all even pages) in your document. A footer appears at the bottom of your pages. You might want to add page numbers to the top or bottom of a document, and you can do so from the header or footer area. You don't have to add headers and footers to each page: Word enables you to type them just once, and it automatically adds them to each page.

To Do: Add a Header and Footer

To add a header or footer, follow these steps:

  1. Select View, Header and Footer to display the Header and Footer toolbar and display an entry area in which you can type the header and footer text. Figure 5.9 shows a document that displays this toolbar and the header entry area in a document.

    Figure 5.9. Use the Header and Footer toolbar to develop your document's header and footer.


  2. Type your header text. If you want to type footer text, click the toolbar's Switch Between Header and Footer button to display the footer entry area and type your footer text. If you want to add page numbers, the date, or the time to your header or footer text, click the appropriate buttons on the Header and Footer toolbar.

  3. Click the Close button to anchor the header or footer in your document.

Word normally dims header and footer text so that you can easily distinguish between the header, footer, and the rest of your document. You can see these items when editing your document within the Print Layout view, but they remain dimmed while in Normal view. If you want to specify that the header (or footer) are to appear only on certain pages such as odd- or even-numbered pages, select File, Page Setup, Layout and check the Different Odd and Even or Different First Page check box. You must be in the Print Layout view to see headers, footers, footnotes, and endnotes in their proper places on the page.


If you want to edit a header or footer, display your document in Print Layout view and then double-click the dimmed header or footer text. Word opens the Header and Footer toolbar and enables you to edit the header or footer text.

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