Publishing Your Web Page

Once you finalize your Web page with FrontPage, FrontPage can help you publish your page on the Web or on your local network server as an intranet using the Web Publishing Wizard. The wizard translates your Web page from the FrontPage format to HTML format to be compatible with Web browsers.

To start the wizard, select File, Publish Site. The wizard begins and collects information that your Internet provider needs about your Web pages and sends that information, along with your Web pages, to your provider. (You'll need proper Internet access and a browser to use the wizard.) Once you complete the wizard, your Web page should be available for use.


Although the Web Publishing Wizard helps gather information and makes publishing your Web page simpler than would otherwise be the case, you still might have to contact your Internet provider (the provider sponsoring your Web page) to determine some of the answers to the Web Publishing Wizard's questions. For example, you'll need to tell the wizard the URL where your Web page will reside and the type of provider you use.


To use some of the sophisticated Web-management tools included with FrontPage, the server that hosts your site will need to install the proper FrontPage Web-server extensions. In other words, your Internet service provider's Web server must be equipped with FrontPage extensions for you to take full advantage of FrontPage's Web-management capabilities. Most if not all of today's Web-hosting companies provide these extensions automatically due to the popularity of FrontPage.

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