Putting Borders Around Your Publications

Putting Borders Around Your Publications

You might want to place a border around your entire publication or perhaps around a single text box or art frame. A border looks nice around smaller publications you create, such as placeholders for dinner guests. You might want to create your own business cards and place a border around your company's name .

Publisher makes it easy to place borders, either before or after you finish creating the material that is to go within the border. Placing a border requires only that you format an element, such as an art frame, and specify the border you desire .

To Do: Add a Frame

To add a border to a publication's art frame, follow these steps:

  1. Click the frame that holds the art where you want a border to appear. You can add an empty art frame if you want to add a border before adding the art.

  2. Right-click the art frame and select Format Picture. The Format Picture dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Border Art button to display the BorderArt dialog box shown in Figure 24.6.

    Figure 24.6. The BorderArt dialog box determines the size, color , number of sides, and thickness of your border lines.


    The BorderArt dialog box page lets you specify the kind of border you want as well as its properties. In addition, you can determine whether artwork that will go inside the border (if you plan to place art inside the border) is to stretch to fit the border or whether the border's picture is to retain its size even if the border is much larger than the figure.

  4. You can click the Create Custom button to make your own border art. Once you enter the name of a picture (from the Clip Gallery or other image), Publisher repeats that image to build a border that you can name and save in the list of borders that appear.

  5. Click OK to save the border art on your editing area. You now can resize the border as you would any other box or graphic image on the publication.

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