How do I know whether I should send an Office document as an email or email attachment?


The kind of Office data you send might dictate how you can send it. For example, you can often send a Word document as an email directly, meaning the Word document will comprise the actual email body of the message. You should send a presentation or database, however, as an attachment. Those kinds of Office data documents do not always conform to a linear, text-centered single document that can comprise the body of an email.


Does all Internet information appear on Web pages?


The Internet's information appears in many forms, sometimes in a form known as an FTP site or a newsgroup. The Web page standard, however, has become one of the most popular ways to organize and view Internet information. As more people used the Web-page standard, more modern technology enabled that standard to evolve into a uniform container of multimedia-based information. Therefore, with a Web browser, you can view all kinds of information over the Web.

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