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handleMessages( )
       EmailBean class (example)  
       MailAccessor class (example)  
handleStartTag( )  
harvesting Web information  
       creating JavaBean as HTML parser  
       JavaBean for HTML parsing
               using in a JSP  
               using in a servlet  
       parsing HTML page with javax.swing.text subpackages  
               callback class (example)  
       using a servlet  
Hashtable class  
Header class  
header implicit object   2nd  
header segment included in JSP with jsp:include action  
       email, reading from a servlet  
       HTTP   [See request headers response headers]
headerValues implicit object  
heading attribute (custom tag)   2nd  
home and local home interfaces (EJB on WebLogic)  
Host element (Tomcat server.xml file)   2nd  
href attribute  
       code for JSP that handles HTTP requests  
       converting XML file into with XSL stylesheet  
       error page sent to client  
       file upload page, preparing  
               component to receive file and store in local directory  
       form tag   2nd  
               onSubmit event handler  
       head tag  
       input tag  
       JavaBean for parsing
               using in a JSP  
               using in a servlet  
       parsing API classes, use in servlet  
       src attribute of script tag, using to import JavaScript module  
       template for embedding Flash files
               generating automatically  
       template for including Flash files
HTML Converter (Java Plug-in)  
HTML forms
       adding parameters to query string
               using a JSP  
               using a servlet  
       intercepting and reading form input with a filter  
       posting submitted data from a JSP  
       servlet handling of  
               FirstServlet class (example)  
       servlet, accepting Amazon search term  
       setting propertes of JavaBean to values entered in  
       setting scoped attribute in a JSP to value of a form parameter  
       submission to server-side program via POST method  
       validating input with a filter  
               filter that checks values (example)  
               JSP that contains a form (example)  
HTML tags
       applet tag  
       embed tag   2nd  
       generated with Java Plug-in HTML Converter for loading applets  
       object tag   2nd  
HTMLEditorKit class  
       developing JSP for handling of requests  
       GET method   [See GET requests]
       POST method   [See POST requests]
       request headers   [See request headers]
       requests for file uploading  
       response headers   [See response headers]
       secure connections   [See Secure Sockets Layer]
       security constraints on methods  
       XML-based SOAP messages on  
HTTP response codes  
       403 or 404, handling by web container  
       500, returned by web container  
       int parameter of sendError( )  
http-method elements  
       security constraints for  
HttpClient (Jakarta Commons)  
       automating data posting from servlet to other programs  
       servlet using to post data to a JSP  
       use in JavaBean that posts data from JSP page  
https ://, URLs that start with  
HttpServlet class
       init( ), including content in  
       service( )  
HttpServletRequest class
       checking session existence  
       getContextPath( )  
       getCookies( )   2nd  
       getHeader( )  
       getHeaderNames( )  
       getParameterMap( )  
       getQueryString( )  
       getRemoteAddr( )  
       getRemoteUser( )  
       getRequestURI( )  
       getRequestURL( )  
       getSession( )   2nd   3rd  
       isUserInRole( )  
HttpServletRequest objects  
HttpServletRequestWrapper class  
HttpServletResponse class
       addCookie( )  
       encodeRedirectURL( )  
       encodeURL( )  
       Refresh response header, adding  
       sendError( )   2nd  
       sendRedirect( )   2nd  
HttpServletResponse objects  
HttpServletResponseWrapper class, for use with a filter (example)  
HttpSession class
       getId( )  
       getLastAccessedTime( )  
       getMaxInactiveInterval( )  
       invalidate( )  
       removeAttribute( )  
       setAttribute( )  
       setMaxInactiveInterval( )   2nd  
HttpSessionActivationListener interface  
HttpSessionAttributeListener interface  
HttpSessionBindingEvent class
       getSession( )  
       getValue( )  
HttpSessionBindingListener interface  
HttpSessionEvent class, getSession( )  
HttpSessionListener interface  
       notification of session creation and destruction  
       sessionCreated( ) and sessionDestroyed( )  

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