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i18n   [See internationalization]
if/then/else statements  
IllegalStateException, handling in web applications  
img tag (HTML)  
implicit objects   2nd   3rd  
implicit objects, JSPs  
       pageContext   2nd  
implicit objects, JSTL
       cookie   2nd   3rd  
       header   2nd  
       initParam   2nd  
       param   2nd   3rd   4th  
       requestScope   2nd  
       sessionScope   2nd   3rd  
import custom action  
include directive
       changes made to included page, reflection in including page  
       in JSP document, expansion by XML view  
       including seldom changing resource in a JSP  
       including XML fragment in JSP document  
       jsp:include action vs.   2nd  
               rule of thumb for using  
include element (Ant)  
include mechanisms for dynamic content  
       configuring included resource in external file  
       external configuration file, using to include resource in a JSP  
       importing a resource each time servlet handles a request  
       including content from outside a context in JSP  
       including content in a JSP for each request  
       including XML fragment in JSP document  
       resources nested at multiple levels in servlet  
               exception information, displaying  
               first inner included servlet  
               outer including servlet  
               request attributes, access by included resources  
               second included servlet  
       resources that seldom change, including in JSP  
INCLUDE value (dispatcher elements)  
include( ) (RequestDispatcher)   2nd  
       embedding Flash in a servlet  
       including JavaScript CreateWindow function in a servlet  
       including top-level servlet file  
       servlet importing JavaScript file  
       validating JavaScript, including in servlet  
includes attribute (Ant jar task)  
IncludeServlet class (example)  
INFO level logging  
inheritance structure in log4j   2nd   3rd  
init target (Ant, build.xml file)   2nd  
init-param element (web.xml)  
       specifying including resource with  
       timeout value for servlet, configuring  
       URL for loading new window created by JavaScript function in a servlet  
initial context  
InitialContext class   2nd  
       close( )  
       lookup( )   2nd  
initialization parameters
       configuring for a filter  
       servlet, registered name and  
initialize( ) (LoginModule)  
initParam implicit JSTL object   2nd  
input tags (HTML)  
       multiple file uploads  
       type, name, and accept attributes, for file uploads  
InputStream, XML view of JSP page returned as   2nd  
INSERT statement (SQL), executing in JSP in a transaction  
internal resources from web application, viewing  
internationalization   2nd  
       client locale, detecting in a JSP  
       client locale, detecting in a servlet  
       creating ResourceBundle as a Java class  
       definition of  
       formatting currencies in a JSP  
       formatting currencies in a servlet  
       formatting dates in a JSP  
       formatting dates in a servlet  
       formatting percentages
               in a JSP  
               in a servlet  
       localization context, setting in web.xml  
       ResourceBundle as properties file, creating  
       ResourceBundle, using in a JSP  
       ResourceBundle, using in a servlet  
Internet Explorer
       embedding Flash files in web components  
       HTML object tag, loading applet with  
       language preference, setting (v. 5.5)  
InternetAddress class   2nd  
invalidate( ) (HttpSession)  
invoke( ) (JspFragment)  
invoker servlets  
       invoking servlets registered in web.xml  
       overriding to direct all requests to controller servlet  
IOException class   2nd  
       JSP that throws (example)  
       web applications, handling in  
IP addresses, blocking requests from with a filter  
is-xml element  
isErrorPage attribute (page directive)  
ISO (International Standards Organization)
       country codes   2nd  
       language codes  
isolation levels for transactions  
       in sql:transaction tag  
isUserInRole( ) (HttpServletRequest)  
iterating over collections of data  
       c:forEach tag, iterating over array  
iterating posted data with JSTL  
Iterator class  
        next ( )  
iterator( ) (Set)  

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