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J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition)  
        Core Blueprints web page  
       EJB in business tier  
       JavaMail and JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)  
J2SE (Java 2 Standard Edition)  
JAAS (Java Authentication and Authorization Service)
       authenticating servlet clients  
       configuration file, creating  
               flag values, listing of  
               location of file  
       LoginModule class  
               CallbackHandler for  
               example code  
       online documentation  
       using in a JSP  
JAF (JavaBeans Activation Framework)   2nd  
Jakarta Commons HttpClient   [See HttpClient]
Jakarta Tomcat   [See Tomcat]
JAR (Java ARchive) files
       creating with Ant  
       for Jakarta Commons HttpClient  
       including Tomcat JAR files in Ant classpath  
       mail.jar and activation.jar  
       packaging JSP tag file in  
       packaging tag library in  
       Sun Microsystems specification for  
       WEB-INF/lib directory, storage in  
jar task (Ant)   2nd  
        basedir attribute  
       destfile attribute  
       fileset (nested) element  
       includes attribute  
       manifest file, creating  
jar tool
       placing tag library in a JAR file  
jar tool, creating WAR files with  
Jasper (Tomcat JSP container)  
JASPER_HOME environment variable  
Java 2 Enterprise Edition   [See J2EE]
Java API for XML Processing (JAXP)   2nd   3rd  
Java Authentication and Authorization Service   [See JAAS]
java command-line tool, setting user classpath  
Java Database Connectivity   [See JDBC]
Java Development Kit (JDK)  
Java Naming and Directory Interface   [See JNDI]
Java Plug-in  
       different installed versions, causing problems loading applets  
       HTML Converter,embedding applet in a JSP  
Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
       applets, running in  
       executing applet with Java Plug-in  
Java Virtual Machine (JVM), servlets and  
Java Web Services Developer Pack (WSDP)  
Java Web Services Developer Pack, downloading JAXP  
Java-based web applications  
JAVA_HOME environment variable  
       setting in Ant installation  
       accessing email from a servlet  
       configuring as a JNDI object with Tomcat  
       cookies, creating  
               CookieBean (example)  
       creating as web page parser  
       creating to search Amazon  
       creating to search Google web database  
       customizing responses sent to clients  
       email attachments, handling (example)  
       file-uploading (example)  
       Google search utility class  
       JAAS API, using for authentication  
       JSP data, posting dynamically to another server-side process  
       JSP using to search  
               accessing with EL  
               setting in a JSP  
       sending email from a servlet  
               EmailBean (example)  
               servlet using JavaBean to send email  
               setting of email parts with bean methods  
       servlet using to connect to Amazon Web Services  
       as Tomcat JNDI resource
               accessing from a servlet  
       web page parser
               using in a JSP  
               using in a servlet  
JavaBeans Activation Framework (JAF)   2nd   3rd  
javac compiler  
       built-in, with Sun Microsystems JDK  
javac task (Ant)  
       classpath element nested inside of  
       compiling application servlets into build directory  
       fetching email messages  
       listing email headers  
       properties set for Session JNDI object  
       Session, Store, Folder, and Message classes  
       creating new browser window in a JSP  
       creating new browser window in a servlet  
       including JavaScript modules in a JSP  
       including JavaScript modules in a servlet  
       validating form input in a servlet  
       validating form values in a JSP  
JavaServer Pages   [See JSPs]
JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library ( see JSTL)  
javax sub-packages for BEA WebLogic  
javax.mail package  
javax.mail.internet package  
javax.naming package   2nd  
javax.servlet.jsp. tagext package  
javax.sql package  
JDBC (Java Database Connectivity)  
       accessing database from servlet using JDBC  
       calling stored procedure from a servlet with CallableStatement  
       Connection objects  
       database driver and storage location   2nd  
       DriverManager class  
       javax.sql.DataSource object
               creating on WebLogic  
               on WebLogic, using in a JSP  
               SQL JSTL tag, using with  
       Oracle driver  
       ResultSet, converting to Result object  
       ResultSetMetaData interface  
       specification, address for downloading  
       transaction API  
JDK (Java Development Kit)  
       version 1.1, Ant support of  
JNDI (Java Naming and Directory Interface)   2nd  
       configuring JNDI object in Tomcat  
       configuring JNDI resource in WebLogic  
       lookup, using to access WebLogic DataSource  
       Tomcat JNDI resource
               accessing from a JSP  
               accessing from a servlet  
       using API classes to obtain DataSource  
       WebLogic JNDI resource
               accessing from a a JSP  
               accessing from a servlet  
       WebLogic JNDI tree
               accessing an EJB with  
               for a DataSource  
JRE (Java Runtime Environment)
       applets, running in  
       executing applet with Java Plug-in  
jsp-property- group element   2nd  
jsp:directive.include element element  
       added to JSP document by XML view  
jsp:doBody action   2nd  
jsp:forward action  
jsp:getProperty action  
jsp:id attribute for XML elements in JSP document  
jsp:include action  
       external configuration file, using to include resource in a JSP  
       immediate reflection of changes to included files  
       include directive vs.   2nd  
               rule of thumb for using  
       including resource in JSP each time it receives request  
       including XML fragment in JSP document  
jsp:param action  
jsp:param elements, providing embedded applets with parameter and value pairs  
jsp:plugin action
       embedding applet in a JSP  
       HTML tags generated for loading Java applet  
jsp:root element   2nd  
       added by XML view to JSP document  
jsp:setProperty action  
       cookie properties, setting  
       cookie value, setting  
       setting directory name for saving uploaded file  
       setting JavaBean property to submitted form value  
jsp:text element  
jsp:useBean action   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       cookie-creating bean, using in JSP  
       id attribute  
       instantiating file-uploading bean in a JSP  
       use in setting bean property to submitted form value  
jsp_precompile parameter  
jspc (weblogic.jspc precompilation tool)  
JspC command-line tool (Tomcat)  
JspContext class  
JspFragment interface  
       .jspf files vs.  
JSPs (JavaServer Pages)  
       application servers as software hosts for  
       as XML documents  
       creating from scratch as JSP document  
       creating JSP-type URL for a servlet  
       custom XML tags   [See custom tags tags]
       deploying   [See deploying servlets and JSPs]2nd   [See deploying servlets and JSPs]
       generating XML view from  
       implementation class  
       packaging in WAR files  
       precompiled, mapping to page implementation class  
               in Tomcat  
               in WebLogic  
               precompilation protocol, using  
       request attributes, access by included resources  
               as XML files  
               basic steps in  
               viewing output in browser  
JspWriter class  
JSTL (JavaServer Pages Standard Tag Library)   2nd  
       arrays or Maps, using to iterate through values  
       c:choose, c:when, and c: otherwise tags  
       c:forEach tag   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
               iterating posted data with  
       c:if tag   2nd  
       c:import tag   2nd   3rd   4th   5th  
       c:out tag   2nd   3rd   4th   5th   6th  
               escaped characters  
               exception information, displaying for a JSP  
               summary of functions  
               use in a JSP (example)  
       c:param tag  
       c:set tag   2nd   3rd  
               summary of functions  
       cookie implicit object  
       cookies, accessing with EL  
       core tags, using in a JSP  
       current session ID, displaying  
       custom tags in JSPs created as XML files  
       downloading and using  
               1.0 reference implementation, lib directory contents  
               JSTL 1.1  
               taglib directives for different JSTL 1.0 libraries  
       downloading Java Web Services Developer Pack  
       Expression Language (EL)   [See Expression Language]
       fmt:formatDate tag  
       fmt:formatNumber tag  
               displaying numbers as percentages  
               formatting currency value for a locale  
       fmt:message tag  
       fmt:setBundle tag  
       fmt:setLocale tag  
       formatting numbers as percentages  
       formatting session creation and last-accessed times  
       formatting tags  
               displaying text in JSP for client locale  
       functionality of  
       functions, using in JSPs  
       header implicit object  
       in JSP error page   2nd  
       JavaBean properties, accessing with EL  
       JSP using Result object stored as session attribute  
       localization context for tags, setting in web.xml  
       request headers, accessing with EL  
               value of a particular header  
       request parameters, accessing with EL  
       scoped variables , accessing with EL  
       session date/times formatted with  
       SQL tags  
               with DataSource configuration  
               without DataSource configuration  
       sql:query tag   2nd  
       sql:setDataSource tag  
       sql:transaction tag  
       sql:update tag  
       url custom action  
       x:out tag  
       x:parse tag  
       x:transform tag   2nd   3rd  
       XML and XSLT tags, using  
       XML core tags, using in a JSP  
JVM (Java Virtual Machine), servlets and  

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