Chapter 16. Putting on Finishing Touches with Draw


121 About the Gallery

122 Insert Gallery Objects

123 Add New Items to Gallery

124 Add 3D Text

125 Apply 3D Effects

126 Insert a Graphic Image into a Drawing

127 Scan a Picture into Draw

Draw provides many useful tools that you can use for drawings. You might use Draw for months before discovering how each tool can benefit you, but you'll always feel well-rewarded when you come upon one. For example, Draw's Gallery is a comprehensive collection of graphics, sounds, and other objects that you can use in your drawings and throughout, arranged in named themes .


Themes A collection of graphic files you save as a group under a theme name . The Gallery comes with several predesigned themes, such as Backgrounds and Bullets.

This chapter explains how to use the Gallery to improve your images. In addition, you'll learn to take your drawings to the next step by adding three-dimensional text. Finally, you'll learn how to import graphics and scanned images in your drawings. After these scanned images are in your drawings, you'll be able to manipulate them just as you can any other graphic images. 2, Firefox, and Thunderbird for Windows All in One
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