Chapter 8. Formatting Spreadsheets with Calc

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57 Freeze Row and Column Headers

58 AutoFormat a Spreadsheet

59 Format Cells

60 Center a Heading over Multiple Columns

61 Set Up Calc Page Formatting

62 Attach a Note to a Cell

63 Conditionally Format Data

64 About Calc Styles and Templates

65 Create a Calc Style

66 Create a Calc Template

Calc makes it easy to make even simple spreadsheets look professional. AutoFormat quickly formats your sheets within the boundaries you select. If you want to format your spreadsheet by hand, the formatting commands you learn in this chapter will enable you to pinpoint important data and highlight that data. Others can then look at your spreadsheets and easily find your highlighted information.



AutoFormat ” The process that Calc uses to format spreadsheets from a collection of predetermined styles.

During this chapter, you'll learn how to change the appearance of your spreadsheets so they look as good as possible. Specifically, you will learn how to select from a list of AutoFormats styles, you'll learn how to format selected cells and ranges, and you'll learn how to leverage your spreadsheet designs so you can reuse them again with little trouble.

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