Chapter 7. Working with Calc Data

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47 Find and Replace Data

48 About Calc Ranges

49 Create a Range

50 Fill Cells with Data

51 About Calc Functions

52 Enter Calc Functions

53 Use the Function AutoPilot

54 Reference Data Outside This Sheet

55 Work with Dates and Times

56 About Names as Addresses

This chapter teaches you how to manage and organize your Calc spreadsheets to make them really work for you. You'll be surprised how Calc follows and updates formulas as you modify worksheet data. If you really want to master Calc, you must understand how to set up and work with cell ranges. Therefore, this chapter's material will greatly enhance your Calc expertise. You will learn to use range names and references to produce more powerful Calc formulas and functions.



Functions ” Built-in mathematical and logical routines that perform common calculations.

In addition to learning about Calc's range features, you'll also see how Calc's built-in functions save you many steps when you need to perform calculations. By using functions, you'll leverage the use of common calculations such as averages and advanced calculations such as trigonometric calculations.

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